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The most professional and successful private Turkish language center for foreigners in Turkey teaching students how to speak the turkish language accurately and fluently from the first lesson!

Canadian Cultural Center was established in 2007 by Turkish-Canadians and founded its center in Taksim-Beyoglu. The first establishment was teaching Turkish as a second language to speakers of other languages. Because of satisfaction with the Turkish department on the part of the students, who were mostly foreign business people or executives working at some well-known local and international companies in Turkey, and satisfaction with being taught through the communicative approach, requests made to start an English-French Department, necessary procedures were completed, and the English-French Department was founded in 2009.

Starting from the very first day, Canadian Cultural Center has believed in not the traditional, lecture-like teaching, but in providing successful language learning focused on the main function of language as a communication bridge between cultures. CCC had made some partnerships with some well-known language teaching networks with Canadian Schools and now it has become a local chain of language schools with strategic partnerships with tens of Canadian language schools.

We look forward to seeing you very soon and helping you to achieve your language goals.
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